Living Room Conversion

Your living room holds the majority of your family memories and you should add to those memories with the best possible home theater experience. Bossy HD will add quality surround sound to your living room with the right HD television that fits your budget and living room dimensions..

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Fireplace TV Mounting

A fireplace is typically the centerpiece to a living room. Bossy HD can open your living room and give you aesthetically pleasing options when mounting your flat screen above your fireplace. Our expertise in fireplace television mounting allows us to mount on most fireplaces, and maximize your living space without incapacitating your fireplace..

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Multifamily Units

Bossy HD provides safe home theater options for residents and tenants of commercial properties and multi-family communities. Bossy HD has developed a standard commercial installation that follows all NEC codes. It limits the options of the tenant while increasing the safety and value of your property…

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